Aug. 13: Make His Praise Glorious! (Tracey Craig McKibben)

I have played piano in the church most of my life. I first learned to play hymns for corporate worship as a 10-year-old. Was I too young to do that? Definitely! Was my playing a hot mess at the time? For sure. Am I thankful that my parents encouraged me to play in my smallContinue reading “Aug. 13: Make His Praise Glorious! (Tracey Craig McKibben)”

Aug 6, 2020: Intermediate Repertoire by Jones, Leaf, and Thompson

Let’s talk about intermediate piano students because, let’s face it….intermediate students come with a unique set of problems, tastes, and preferences. Most of these students are teens and not as willing to work on music that does not appeal to them. Their assessment of their skills are not always based in reality, but they regularlyContinue reading “Aug 6, 2020: Intermediate Repertoire by Jones, Leaf, and Thompson”

Welcome to The Piano Teacher’s Bookshelf!

Welcome to what I hope will become a trusted resource for exploring teaching materials that you have not yet found (or maybe just forgotten about) to help you find the perfect supplemental piece for all of your piano students — from elementary through advanced. Where Did The Idea Come From? I love teaching beginning andContinue reading “Welcome to The Piano Teacher’s Bookshelf!”